11.-14.07.2019, Tampere, Finland

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Lumous Gothic Festival is a so called club festival, which means there is no single festival area. Instead, events take place in different locations around the city.

Lumous does not have a permanent information desk, but at the Dark Market on Saturday, Lumous has a table where you can buy Lumous products, music, etc., and our staff is present to answer your questions. At other times, you can always turn to any Lumous staff member, who are recognizable by the Lumous pass they wear around the neck.


For the most part, events have an age limit of 18 years. Events without an age limit this year are the Dark Market in Museum Centre Vapriikki and Sunday's Gothnic in Näsinpuisto park.


Advance tickets are available for the Friday and Saturday events taking place at Klubi. You can purchase your tickets online at the Lumous website (, or in Helsinki and in Tampere at Cybershop and in Tampere at Tuomiokirkonkatu Swamp Music. We suggest you reserve your tickets well in advance.

The Dark Market, Gothnic and the events at Dog's Home pub are free of charge.


Bringing your own food and drinks (with or without alcohol) to the clubs is prohibited. Klubi (Tullikamari) sells food, and liquid refreshments are sold in all of the evening event locations. Vapriikki also serves lunch between 12 and 15 (café products outside this time) and the Museum Centre restaurant also sells alcoholic beverages. Otherwise, the wide variety of Tampere restaurants is sure to cater to practically any taste.

Klubi has a coat check, elsewhere festivalgoers are responsible for their own belongings.

Everyone is also personally responsible for their state of intoxication. We cannot be held accountable for you getting too wasted to be allowed to enter an event.


Filming and recording any shows without permission is prohibited. Bringing video cameras and recording devices to festival areas without permission is prohibited. So far, no artist has set a ban on taking photographs, but we shall inform you in case someone does.


There is a parking garage available under Klubi, as well as at the railway station and at several department stores downtown. In the Vapriikki area, it is easiest to park your car in the Tampella area parking garages. Free parking is, unfortunately, a rare commodity in the downtown area.


We will arrange for a few rubbish bags in the Näsinpuisto park, so that you may dispose of your own rubbish easily. It is important that we leave behind a clean park. This way we may enjoy a picnic there in the coming years as well. Empty bottles will most likely find their takers, but it is still polite to gather them up in one place.

Organisation behind Lumous :

Tampereen Musiikinystävät ry


jyrki [at]

General info:
Email: info [at]
Lumous, BOX 202, 33201 Tampere


Foreign bands: contact Jyrki Witch: jyrki [at] or Lumous, BOX 202, 33201 Tampere, Finland.
Suomalaiset bändit: Toni Lahti: toni [at] tai Lumous, PL 202, 33201 Tampere.

! Addresses contain garbage, remove everything from - to @.